Who We Are?

Unipharm is the name that is redefining the supply chain system in india with the digital revolution. With careful consideration of all the parties involved in the pharma supply chain fraternity, most importantly distributors and retailers, we have crafted a perfect tech solution to help them overcome their daily hassles. In the process, we have built a profitable, time-saving, and responsive technology.

Technology platform for distributors and retailers

With just a few clicks both retailers and distributors are able to automate all their supply chain processes. Unipharm is a user-friendly app with the simplest of functions that cuts down a large part of your manual work. Unipharms was made with a vision that distributors and retailers could focus on other primary aspects of their businesses along with cutting down some of the biggest challenges in the pharmacy procurement cycle.

Cash discount with medicine supply chain platform

For retailers Unipharm is a dream come true with the quickest, same day delivery and a huge range of options to select from. What more? Retailers get an additional cash discount on their orders. So you now have a combination of technology, reduced manual work, quickest delivery, and cash discount too. We know how valuable your customers are to you and we want to ensure that you focus on them for a larger part of your time.

Time Saving

No more manual diary entries. No more calls to the distributor. No more waiting for the delivery. With Unipharm, you have all these activities at your fingertips. Within a few clicks you are all set to automate the whole procurement process to dedicate more time to other important functions of your business. For your customers, the major benefit is that they won’t have to wait for their medicines with the same day delivery feature with Unipharm.

Quick order reference & tracking for effective health care supply chain management

How does it sound when we say that you are out of the trouble to make continuous calls to your distributors. One of the major challenges that retailers have to face is that they have to constantly track the orders manually. With the Unipharm technology platform you are out of this trouble. Simple track your order online and our accurate positioning system will tell you how far the product is from you.